Alaskan recipes, seafood recipes, New Zealand recipes, Irish recipes from Rainbirds & Kiwis.
Alaska Recipes, New Zealand Recipes, Irish recipesAlaska Recipes, New Zealand Recipes, Irish recipesAlaska Recipes, New Zealand Recipes, Irish recipes

Recipes from Alaska & New Zealand
with a wee bit of the Irish thrown in for good measure

We are one big happy family spread out across the globe from Alaska to New Zealand.  Since we all like to eat and share recipes, we thought we would share some of our favorites with you. We will continue to add great recipes and invite you to check back often.

**Alaskan Seafood Recipes
Halibut Olympia
David's Halibut Cheese Bake
BBQ Halibut or Salmon
Easy Baked Salmon
Curried Shrimp
Salmon Barbeque Sauce



**New Zealand Seafood Recipes
White Fish Fritters
Fish Pie
Savoury Fish Steaks
Coconut Prawns & Sauce
Broiled Orange Roughy
Green Mussels

**Other Alaskan Recipes
Carol's Best Cheesecake
Brown Sugar Pie
Potato Focaccia Bread
The Best Choca Chippers
Baked Alaska
Tongass Forest Cookies
Corn Flake Potatoes (actually a Canadian recipe)
Mock Almond Roca



**Other New Zealand Recipes
Aubby Gobby Nana Muffins
Kiwi Biscuits
Mint Sauce
Judy's Scones
Hokey Pokey
ANZAC Biscuits


**Alaska Seafood Recipe Links
Knudson Cove Marina
The Halibut Barn

**Recipes of Ireland
Brown Bread
Gravy from home

Irish Cod Cobbler

The Wee Kiwis are a part of this wonderful clan and they have their own recipe page called "Cooking for Kids".  They have wonderful imaginations and some great recipes that are very easy for your little ones to try.  And don't miss "For the Love of Cheesecake", a new cookbook from Shauna Lee & Susan Heisler with stories of love and desire from the Last Frontier.

If you have a  recipe that you would like to share, or have a question about Alaska or New Zealand, please e-mail us.  We love talking about our corners of the earth.  Enjoy your visit here and thanks for stopping by.

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